Resilience Music Alliance is thrilled to present a new interview series, The Resilience Conversations, featuring journalist and musician Rondi Charleston as their host. Charleston will facilitate conversations about resilience with prominent thought leaders in the areas of art, politics, science and spirituality. As an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning television journalist and investigative reporter for ABC Primetime, Charleston knows the power of a story well told.

Continuing with Resilience Music Alliance’s focus on partnering with dynamic and compelling artists who have inspiring stories to tell, The Resilience Conversations aim to give a deeper look into the innate quality of Resilience which can empower individuals facing great personal tragedy, failure, or opposition to rise above the challenge and succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Having launched on March 21, 2018 featuring a dynamic interview with acclaimed author, public speaker and prominent alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra (available now on Facebook & YouTube), The Resilience Conversations will present interviews in the coming months with theoretical physicist, mathematician and string theorist Brian Greene; United States Senator Cory Booker; as well as #1 Billboard Jazz group Ranky Tanky, among many others.

“Not having grown up dreaming of becoming a journalist, like many of my colleagues at ABC News, when I was given the truly unbelievable opportunity to work there and closely with Diane Sawyer, I became a sponge, thirsty for knowledge,” comments Charleston. “As the country has spun dangerously far from the realm of truth, reason and facts, and where extremist views seem to be corrupting the moral fiber of our lives, I have found myself in need personally, of some guidance — to reinforce my own personal resilience, so to speak, as well as our collective resilience. I’ve been on a hunt, much as I was as a reporter for ABC, for wisdom and insight and useful information that will balance out what seems to be a world frequently on the edge of collapse. My goal is to leverage all that I have learned as a journalist and collect wisdom and insight and share that with my audience, and to help boost our collective resilience in the face of such challenging times.”

Join Resilience Music Alliance in stories of truth, guidance, strength, courage and fierce determination not to give in to despair, but to find and nurture a sense of hope, as the spirit and activism of the American people is on the rise — energized and mobilizing dramatically for the greater good.

“We all have our ideological silos that we retreat to when we feel threatened,” says Charleston. “What I aim to do with this series is to open up those silos and integrate the ideas of a wide range of thought leaders to help round out our emotional and spiritual lives so that we can continue to build our own personal and collective resilience. While these folks may come from vastly different areas of expertise, from science to politics, to art and music, they all have one thing in common — they have a deep knowledge and perspective which they can bring to our current situation.”